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Squeegee Basics

The Squeegee is the quintessential tool for any professional window cleaner. ABC Window Cleaning is the best window cleaning supplier in the country and happens to be based here in Denver. Checkout their link from a desktop to learn everything you need to know about squeegees. You can also buy a very basic squeegee from Home Depot.

The secret to the squeegee is speed. Very fast speed. Using a squeegee can seem foreign at first but with a little practice most can get a decent feel for this tool in a few days. Follow these instructions and checkout the video with voiceover I made using OSnap!

  1. Drag water down

  2. Work from frame to frame

  3. Be sure to get all water off the top frame to avoid drips

  4. Use a clean rag to wipe streaks

Unless you plan on becoming a professional window cleaner I doubt you’ll get it this smooth, I’ve been cleaning about 200 windows/day for 3 years. However, you can learn one of these techniques pretty quickly to speed up your own DIY window cleaning!

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